KRCL attorneys represent clients in resolving a wide array of construction-related disputes, including the prosecution of and defense against claims related to, construction delay and force majeure events, insurance issues, liens and releases, contract and warranty issues, deceptive trade practices, bond and surety matters, and commercial and residential construction and design defects. KRCL attorneys are acutely aware that construction-related disputes can be costly and time consuming for architects, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, lenders, and owners to resolve and can jeopardize important business relationships. Our attorneys focus on minimizing the impact of dispute resolution on our clients, while at the same time aggressively moving disputes forward without delay or unnecessary expense. Alternative forms of dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation, and other forms of structured negotiation are frequently and successfully utilized in representing our clients. When disputes cannot be resolved without court intervention, our trial lawyers have extensive experience protecting our clients' interests in both state and federal courts.

Because of their extensive expertise in this complex area of the law, KRCL attorneys are likewise fully familiar with the many nuances that apply to construction litigation, including the requirements for certificates of merit, specific notice requirements and deadlines found within certain residential construction statutes and rules, and statutory and common-law doctrines that apply to this area of the law. KRCL attorneys are constantly keeping abreast of legislative changes and court decisions that frequently affect the construction industry and that interact with contract review and preparation.

The Construction Group works closely with the other sections of the Firm, including its Real Estate Group, in an effort to aid our clients in avoiding costly litigation by drafting appropriate contractual provisions, and by assessing, in advance, the likelihood of litigation or the probable outcome of litigation that may result from a particular transaction or course of conduct. KRCL attorneys also work with clients to develop, prepare and implement corporate policies and procedures to alleviate or lessen the threat and impact of potential litigation and review corporate operating practices and procedures for problem areas that may increase exposure to claims and litigation.

KRCL attorneys have successfully provided construction-related legal services to a wide variety of construction professionals, lenders, and owners, and have experience with claims involving:

Bidding and award irregularities
Construction delays
Lien issues
Contract disputes
Warranty claims
Claims of substandard or defective construction materials
Architectural, geotechnical, structural and civil design deficiencies
Bond and surety matters
Foundation failures
Sidewalk and parking lot deficiencies
Subsurface soil investigations and water migration
Defective insulation
Water intrusion
Departure from as-builts and other drawings, specifications and plans
Chemically treated soils
Grading and drainage issues
Property Inspection representations
Crawlspace environment and design
Construction observation and materials testing
Pool defects
Domestic and chilled water supply lines
High-rise condominiums

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