Diversity Statement

KRCL is committed to being a diverse workplace that reflects the unique community in which we live and work. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce makes us a stronger law firm. It enables us to bring a broader perspective to the problems our clients face, leads to a higher quality of work, and also enriches the work atmosphere itself. Accordingly, it is the goal of KRCL to foster and maintain a firm-wide culture that supports and promotes diversity, so that all firm employees, regardless of their background, feel welcome, included, valued, supported, and able to succeed.

KRCL seeks to recruit, train, retain, and promote firm members who are diverse in every sense of the word. In addition to supporting the professional careers of women and racial and ethnic minorities, KRCL believes that our clients benefit from the varying perspectives and life experiences that individuals with other backgrounds bring to KRCL. To that end, KRCL has taken a number of specific and deliberate steps to implement its commitment to diversity.

KRCL is also highly committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of life for its attorneys. It strives to create and maintain an environment that allows them to fully pursue their passions and principles apart from the legal profession. We respect individual circumstances and life choices, and we strive to provide an environment which fosters commitment to clients, commitment to work quality to the firm and commitment to our families and the community.  In addition to providing exceptional legal services, KRCL's attorneys are also volunteers for the Red Cross, the Humane Society and numerous other charities and non-profit charitable organizations, parents, soccer coaches, patrons of the arts, and active members of our faith communities.  Our diversity efforts are critical to the level of service that we provide to our clients. We also recognize that a commitment to diversity requires sustained attention and effort. Achieving, supporting and realizing the benefits of diversity is an ongoing challenge that we have made a priority of KRCL's management, recruiting, and day-to-day law practice.

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