KRCL's Energy Group, based in Houston conveniently near the Energy Corridor, provides legal representation to domestic and international oil-and-gas companies in a wide variety of energy-related matters. KRCL represents some of the most innovative, diverse and successful energy companies in the nation and around the world, including major and independent oil-and-gas companies, chemical companies, energy service companies, financial institutions, investors and private equity funds.

KRCL’s attorneys have a broad experience base of representation in the energy industry, including the negotiation and drafting of contractual agreements, significant and diverse energy-related litigation, bankruptcy, lending and borrowing transactions, as well as the investigation and defense of catastrophic incidents.

KRCL’s Energy Group’s extensive litigation experience spans the full spectrum of commercial agreements in the industry, including mineral leases, gas gathering and processing contracts, joint operating agreements, farm-out agreements, and purchase-and-sale agreements. We make a point, early on, of cultivating an appreciation for our clients’ business priorities and, as appropriate, of deploying forceful discovery and motion practice to defuse disputes in their infancy. At the same time, our energy litigators routinely take cases to trial, and our adversaries are sensitized to our ability and willingness to fight tenaciously in the courtroom and all the way through verdict.

KRCL’s veteran energy litigators are amply equipped to spearhead all varieties of complex litigation, including class actions and federal multi-district litigation. In particular, royalty disputes and other species of contested mineral interests have become a hotbed for hard-fought litigation in the energy sector. Royalty lawsuits can easily encompass hundreds or even thousands of mineral owners, and KRCL’s energy litigators have the knowledge and expertise to navigate both the merits and class certification issues that arise in these large-scale disputes. Our energy litigators stay ahead of the curve by offering their clients practical guidance on emerging issues like the calculation and payment of royalties, including recommended revisions to royalty payment procedures and other best practices aimed at solving problems before they metastasize into costly, full-stroke litigation. By taking proactive measures such as these, KRCL’s energy lawyers help their clients steer clear of litigation or, at a minimum, strategically position them when litigation cannot be avoided.

KRCL’s lawyers have litigated cases in virtually every facet of the energy industry, including disputes relating to deed construction, trespass to minerals, surface use by operators and other mineral lessees, royalty payment obligations, purchase price adjustments, take-or-pay provisions, representations and warranties, force majeure and right-of-first refusal provisions, well-drilling obligations, trade secret protections, indemnity obligations, and contract extension and termination, as well as a wide array of business torts that often manifest themselves in the energy context, such as claims for fraud, tortious interference, D&O liability, breach of fiduciary duties, theft and misappropriation of trade secrets, deceptive trade practices, and civil conspiracies.

In any matter, KRCL’s energy litigators can turn to their capable colleagues with broad experience in other areas of the law, including antitrust, environmental and toxic tort litigation, product liability, labor and employment, construction litigation, insurance, intellectual property, complex commercial litigation, and securities litigation.

KRCL's Energy Group also offers a full range of legal services including advice on upstream, midstream and downstream oil-and-gas contracts including oil-and-gas leases, exploration agreements, joint operating agreements, farmout agreements, drilling agreements, pooling and unitization agreements, production sharing contracts, gas processing, gathering, transportation and balancing agreements, oil-and-gas purchase-and-sale agreements, access agreements, cost-sharing agreements, master service agreements, and engineering, procurement, construction and installation agreements, both onshore and offshore.

KRCL's Energy Group, in combination with its Litigation Group, can and has handled most every type of energy-related litigation. Specific areas of concentration include:

◦    Access Agreements 

◦    Bankruptcy and Workout Proceedings

◦    Blowout Litigation

◦    Catastrophic Injury Litigation

◦    Complex Energy Litigation

◦    Cost Sharing Agreements

◦    Drilling Agreements

◦    Easements and Right-of-Way Agreements

◦    Employment Litigation

◦    EPCI Agreements

◦    Exploration Agreements

◦    Farmout Agreements

◦    Gas Balancing Agreements

◦    Gas Processing Agreements

◦    Gas Transportation and Gathering Agreements

◦    Intellectual Property (drafting as well as litigation related thereto)

◦    Investigation of Catastrophic Incidents

◦    Investment Fraud in Energy Industry

◦    Joint Operating Agreements

◦    Joint Venture Agreements

◦    Master Service Agreements

◦    Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

◦    Net Profit Conveyances

◦    Oil and Gas Purchase and Sale Agreements

◦    Oil and Gas Leases

◦    Pooling and Unitization Agreements

◦    Production Payment Interest Conveyances

◦    Production Sharing Contracts

◦    Surface Leases and Licensing


KRCL's Energy Attorneys

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Michael Attaway

George Barber

Ken Biermacher

David M. Bond

Thomas G. Ciarlone, Jr.

David Clem

Demetri Economou

Bruce Flowers

Joe Friedman

Devry Garrett

Rob Gifford

Danny Guerra

Roland Hamilton

Richard Hathaway

Andrea Johnson

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Christopher Pappas

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Kevin Riley

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