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HOSPITALITY ALERT: The Confusing Area of Tip Pooling

Restaurant servers across the country often share gratuities with one another and with other service workers in their restaurant. Some restaurants have specific policies requiring servers to "tip out" colleagues. Others leave it up to servers to decide […]

LITIGATION ALERT: Recent Trends in Ponzi Scheme Litigation

In the wake of massive Ponzi schemes such as those operated by Bernard Madoff and Allen Stanford, financial services companies face increased litigation risks for their roles in these schemes.  Since the credit crisis began, Ponzi scheme litigation […]

LITIGATION ALERT: Price Gouging After a Disaster

Many businesses have been accused of taking advantage of consumers by charging excessively high prices during periods of disaster.  Are sellers who increase their prices during times of disaster guilty of deceptive practices or, are they simply […]

LITIGATION ALERT: Arbitration -- A Binding Decision

When entering into a contract, rarely is the first question that enters your mind - "When this contract is breached, do I want a jury trial, or do I want to arbitrate the dispute?"  Thinking about your litigation options is not typically […]

LITIGATION ALERT: New Medicare/Medicaid Reporting Requirements

Beginning July 1, 2009, all liability insurance carriers, self-insured companies, and workers' compensation plans will be required to report to Medicare if an individual making a personal injury claim is a Medicare recipient.  This new law is […]