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Karin Zaner and Richard Hathaway successfully defend office-share dispute

KRCL represents some amazing clients. Case in point—check out Dallas pulmonary and critical care specialist Dr. Michelle Chesnut on the July 2015 cover of Texas Medicine (the Texas Medical Association’s monthly publication).  Dr. Chesnut was featured in the lead article for her efforts to bring “under-the-radar” CMS audits to the TMA’s attention, thus positively impacting healthcare in Texas.

KRCL directors Karin Zaner and Richard Hathaway recently represented Dr. Chesnut in a hotly contested office-share agreement dispute.  The case went to jury trial in Dallas County District Court (the Honorable Judge Eric Moye presiding) in late June 2015. The plaintiff in that lawsuit sued Dr. Chesnut and another physician for substantial damages.  The court dismissed much of plaintiff’s case at summary judgment.  At trial, the jury denied his remaining claims and instead found him in breach the agreement, entitling Dr. Chesnut to recover her damages as well as attorney’s fees and costs.    KRCL was extremely proud to represent Dr. Chesnut on her recent day in court, and this pride continues as she improves the practice of medicine today.