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KRCL Secures Victory in Controversial Jury Trial Involving a Fraudulent Deed

Robert LeMay and Jaime DeWees, attorneys at Kane Russell Coleman & Logan PC, recently prevailed in a contentious jury trial involving an ownership dispute between the administrator of the estate and the former tenant living in the house. After less than two hours, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the administrator of the estate, confirming that the Defendant fraudulently obtained title to the property.

According to court documents, after the owner of the estate passed away, a suspicious deed surfaced that was allegedly signed by the decedent prior to her death but was filed shortly after her passing. The deed would give ownership of the home to the current tenant. The Plaintiff suspected that the document was forged and had been falsely notarized by the Defendant’s girlfriend. Robert LeMay, lead counsel, consulted with a hand-writing expert to inspect the deed and investigated the claims by the Defendant regarding how the questionable deed was allegedly executed and notarized.

During the trial and closing arguments, Robert LeMay meticulously detailed the evidence that had been gathered and argued that the deed was in fact fraudulent. After briefly deliberating, the jury ruled in favor of the Plaintiff and awarded the estate ownership of the home, damages for loss of use, attorney's fees and punitive damages.

“I am very pleased with the outcome of this case and that our trial team was able to right a very bad wrong,” says Robert LeMay, a director of KRCL. “With the help of Jaime DeWees and the expert with whom we collaborated, we were able to protect our client’s interests and recover the property.”

SOURCE: Kane Russell Coleman & Logan, P.C.
CAUSE/CASE NO: 2013-60417-393
COURT: 442nd Judicial District Court of Denton County, Texas
JUDGE: Honorable Robert Ramirez