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New Minimum Wage Rates

As discussed in depth in a prior post, raising the minimum wage has received a considerable amount of attention over the past year.  President Obama signed an Executive Order requiring employers with federal contracts to pay those employees at least $10.10 per hour for any work on those contracts.  And now 21 states have passed legislation effective January 2015 or shortly thereafter raising the minimum wage for any employees providing services in their states.  While the federal minimum wage remains $7.25 per hour for the time being, any employees performing services in the states below must now be paid at least the rate listed below:

  • Alaska: $8.75/hr (effective February 24, 2015)
  • Arizona: $8.05/hr
  • Arkansas: $7.50/hr
  • Colorado: $8.23/hr
  • Connecticut: $9.15/hr
  • Florida: $8.05/hr
  • Hawaii: $7.75/hr
  • Maryland: $8.00/hr, $8.25/hr effective July 1, 2015
  • Massachusetts: $9.00/hr
  • Missouri: $7.65/hr
  • Montana: $8.05/hr
  • Nebraska: $8.00/hr
  • New Jersey: $8.38/hr
  • New York: $8.75/hr
  • Ohio: $8.10/hr
  • Oregon: $9.25/hr
  • Rhode Island: $9.00/hr
  • South Dakota: $8.50/hr
  • Vermont: $9.15/hr
  • Washington: $9.47/hr
  • West Virginia: $8.00/hr, $8.75/hr effective December 31, 2015