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Helping Colleagues' Boundaries: Top 10 Tips

If the behavior makes the physician a continuing threat to public welfare, a physician is required to report it to the Texas Medical Board. Otherwise, a physician may report to the Texas Medical Board, the Texas Medical Association, or to a hospital […]

Maintaining Boundaries: Top 10 Tips

There is a clear imbalance of power between a physician and a patient. The patient exposes himself or herself and is highly vulnerable. No matter what the patient says or does, a physician will be held to higher expectations. The physician must at all […]

Avoiding a NPDB Report: Top 10 Tips

If you are a focus of a health care entity investigation, before you resign clinical privileges or let them expire, resolve any such investigation and confirm that no affirmative report to the NPDB will be filed against you. Get assistance from a health […]

Understanding the NPDB: Top 10 Tips

It is used to inform health care organizations (such as hospitals, health plans, state licensing boards, and other health care regulatory entities) of a "reportable event." NPDB reports are used, along with other source data, when a practitioner is considered […]

Post-Injury Waivers are Major Source of Protection for Non-Subscribers

Non-subscribers may be sued by their employees for on-the-job injuries and non-subscribers are also limited in the defenses they are allowed to assert. To minimize this exposure, most employers who have opted out of the Texas workers’ compensation […]