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We stand together against racism

The tragic and unnecessary death of George Floyd—and before him Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery—have brought people together to condemn systemic racism, injustice and excessive use of force by police. We are shocked and stunned by these tragic events. We have employees who have witnessed, first-hand, the extremely harmful effects of racism. While we, as a Firm, are struggling to find the right words with which to express our concerns, sympathies, and solidarity, we say the following with absolute certainty:

There is no place for racism or injustice.

KRCL is unwaveringly committed to diversity and inclusion and to treating all people justly and with respect. We are a meritocracy based on mutual respect and equality of opportunity. We take our Core Values seriously but we know that is not enough – we must do something greater. As a Firm, we are pursuing positive changes through our initiatives intended to raise awareness, improve dialogue and foster meaningful progress towards justice and equal opportunity for all people.

We hope that recent tragedies will serve as a catalyst for change. At Kane Russell Coleman Logan PC, we stand together against racism and injustice, and we dedicate ourselves to doing the right thing.