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The goal of tax planning is always to minimize the tax burden through careful and detailed application of the tax laws to every business transaction or entity structure and formation.  Your business objectives are our focus; we not only evaluate the risks of various alternatives but also seek to obtain the result that best achieves your business goals and objectives.

While serving as strategic business advisors to our clients, our Tax Section is experienced in all aspects of business taxation including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Asset purchases and sales
  • Tax-free reorganizations
  • Partnership and LLC taxation
  • Corporate taxation
  • Corporate, Partnership and LLC split ups, spin-offs, split-ups and divisions
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Income tax and transactional tax planning
  • International tax planning
  • Real estate transactions
  • Asset-based and project financings
  • Executive compensation
  • Litigation settlements

Our tax practice also provides corporate and general business tax advice, including:

  • Real estate tax
  • Sales and use tax
  • Franchise tax
  • Tax structures and planning