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Some Questions to Consider When Thinking About Selling Your Business

KRCL director and board-certified tax law expert Arthur Nathan has created a comprehensive questionnaire to guide business owners through the process of successfully selling their companies.

The questionnaire guides business owners through crucial issues such as:

  • What are the most important issues to stay focused on if I want to sell my business?
  • If I want to sell my business, what should I do to get prepared for the sale process?
  • What steps are involved in the sale of a business?
  • What if there is a gap between what I think the business is worth and what a potential buyer thinks the business is worth?
  • How should the transaction be structured?

Although this worksheet is not intended to cover every question that should be considered as a part of a sale of a business, it serves as a valuable resource for business owners who want to protect their hard work and long-term investment while reaping the rewards of a successful business sale.

Click here to download the full outline.