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The Evolution of the DOL, the NLRB, and the EEOC Since the November 2016 Election

KRCL is proud to offer this complimentary, on-demand CLE seminar at its new online presence for webinars, In this course, Andrea (AJ) Johnson addresses the legal changes in the current administration which have affected overtime and DOL rulings, National Labor Relations Act concerns (affecting unionized and non-unionized employees), handbook statements and clauses, and EEOC decisions and rule-making. The course discusses these issues generally, but will focus on possible problem areas that are specific to the oil patch (such as overtime). AJ considers what changes may be on the horizon, as well. She also touches on some of the most recent Supreme Court decisions, particularly as to class actions and arbitrations, and how they may affect employee relations on a current and going-forward basis. AJ shares best practices to assist employers and lawyers dealing with these employment issues and explores measures that can transcend administrations.

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