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People: Your most valuable asset. You need answers in real-time for your company-critical assets.  We at KRCL offer in-depth, practical knowledge when your time-sensitive work demands arise.

Our straightforward approach:  Prevent problems when possible, and, when claims are asserted, address, remediate, and zealously defend you, the client—and do so in a cost-effective manner. This is the KRCL difference.

The KRCL team is dedicated to employers with issues across the U.S.  Well versed in Texas law, we also have broad experience throughout the country, as our clients, from start-ups to multi-national entities, often employ people nationally. Strength comes from our lawyers who have board certifications and are prestigiously acknowledged by Chambers and/or Best Lawyers in America. We partner well with C-suite executives, in-house counsel, HR and risk management groups, and your personnel and managers/supervisors, as well as other lawyers in and outside of Texas, as needed. Our success stems from:

  • Responsiveness – We partner with you, on a personal and immediate basis, quickly reasoning through your “must know now,” day-to-day problems to find the most efficient and economical answer.
  • Experience – We have decades of success, a proud history of winning advocacy.
  • Understanding – Decisions today have an impact for years to come—we understand that even decisions in “cases” ultimately are business decisions that may have widespread effects on your current employees and operations.
  • Vision – Our substantial experience, knowledge, and talent provide you with pinpoint and efficient insight.

KRCL’s approach is integrated--with transactional employment work, zealous advocacy in litigation, and a recognized Chambers immigration practice.  Our view is also entrepreneurial, helping you improve process and providing the personal attention you must have to develop best employment practices, regarding, for example:

  • Employment agreements (including non-disclosure and non-competition agreements)
  • Employee handbooks and other policy and procedure manuals
  • Executive and other compensation issues, including bonus and commission plans
  • Immigration transactions of all kinds, including all visa processes for the engagement of necessary talent
  • Training protocols and on-site complimentary training for your employees
  • Drafting and administration of leave policies, given intricate state and federal laws
  • Employee hiring, discipline, and discharge questions, including reductions in force and WARN Act issues
  • Disciplinary and termination steps, including severance and separation agreements
  • Nonsubscriber agreements related to on-the-job injuries

Similarly, our litigation and arbitration experience spans every aspect of employee relations, for example:

  • Wage and hour/FLSA disputes – e.g., overtime calculation, employee “exemptions” – along with state, regional and national class action work
  • Employee classification issues -- contract v. employee v. leased employee classifications
  • Noncompete, trade secret, and related confidentiality disputes and unfair competition claims
  • OSHA inspections (and citation resolution), DOL audits, and all other governmental-employment investigations
  • All types of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation charges and claims (e.g., under the ADA, Title VII, and ADEA)
  • Leave of absence disputes (for example, those under the FMLA, ADA, and USERRA)
  • Nonsubscriber defense litigation
  • All other issues intersecting the employment relationship:  such as whistleblower allegations, Sarbanes-Oxley issues, “social media” problems, affirmative action questions, and the entire panoply of legal allegations.

Our mission is simple:  To bring the highest value to your organization and ensure that your most valuable assets achieve their goal.