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The Law Of Banking

Warnings From The CFPB On Private Mortgage Insurance

On August 4, 2015 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ("CFPB") issued a compliance bulletin containing warnings on the private mortgage insurance ("PMI") cancellation and termination procedures contained in the Homeowners Protection Act ("HPA"). […]

Jeff Novel

Texas Debt Collection Act Claims Not Limited To Borrowers

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit recently analyzed the Texas Debt Collection Act ("TDCA") and reached a conclusion relating to claims under the TDCA that is significant for lenders and mortgage servicers.  The court ruled that […]

Jeff Novel

Banking On Your Smartphone: How Secure Is It?

More than half of all banking customers conduct their banking on their smartphone because it is quick, easy and convenient. And it’s no wonder why this number is so great: smartphones are increasingly being integrated into the lives of many Americans […]

Federal Regulators Push Community Banks To Up Cybersecurity

At the end of January, federal regulators strongly encouraged small community banks across the country to take measures to bolster their cybersecurity, and specifically asked that community banks take care to monitor the activities of vendors that handle […]

How Do Banks Protect You From Cybersecurity Breaches?

It is completely understandable to feel a sense of anxiety when you hear the words “cybersecurity breach” and “bank” in the same sentence. What reasonable person wouldn’t be concerned? You put your hard earned money into […]

Top Level Domain Name .BANK is here

For Banks, the availability of the new .bank extension presents a new and exciting opportunity.  It is intended to be a trustworthy name only for qualifying financial institutions.  This will allow the public to know they are dealing with a legitimate […]

Michael A. Logan