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The Law Of Banking

UPDATED: July 31 Changes to Main Street Lending FAQs

The following documents were updated by the Federal Reserve Friday, July 31st: (1) Lender Registration Certifications and Covenants; (2) Loan Participation Agreement Transaction Specific Terms; (3) Loan Participation Agreement Standard Terms and Conditions […]

4 Tips for a Better (Loan) Workout

Business bankruptcy filings have dropped by more than one-third over the last five years. One potential reason for this drop is that lenders have increasingly sought non-bankruptcy solutions for defaulted or distressed loans. Virtually all non-bankruptcy […]

Brian W. Clark

Are Your Loan Documents Ready For The Death Of LIBOR?

The London Interbank Offered Rate ("LIBOR") is a nearly 50-year old global borrowing benchmark which underpins more than $350 trillion of financial products. LIBOR is based on daily submissions from a panel of banks estimating the interest […]

Jeff Novel