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Data security is essential to your company’s success. However, the regulation of personal data and the risks associated with your company’s data continue to multiply and become more and more complex. Our attorneys are technology-savvy and understand the mechanics of modern data collection and processing and data risks in your business.

In addition to advising on how to avoid future data incidents and best practices, our attorneys work with in-house counsel, data privacy officers, and other senior personnel to ensure your business understands the regulatory environment and stays ahead of the curve on data privacy compliance and related issues.

KRCL’s data privacy attorneys have experience with:

  • Advising clients on compliance with domestic and international data protection laws, including the GDPR and UK GDPR;
  • Conducting privacy impact assessments;
  • Conducting data privacy-related investigations;
  • Drafting domestic and international privacy policies and disclosures to data subjects;
  • Drafting website terms of use policies;
  • Negotiating cloud-based data agreements;
  • Negotiating data processing and protection agreements;
  • Litigating scraping and other cybersecurity claims;
  • Supporting corporate transactions involving privacy and cybersecurity issues, such as due diligence for mergers and acquisitions; and
  • Addressing data incidents, responses, and litigation.

Our attorneys work with companies across a wide variety of industries to comply with the increasingly complex and evolving data privacy obligations under state, federal, and international law, including those that conduct business in the European Economic Area and other countries around the world. Whether your data concerns your customers, prospective customers, employees, or business partners, we have the experience and expertise to provide practical, business-minded guidance. We routinely negotiate a wide variety of commercial agreements that concern protected data, including data processing and protection agreements, cloud storage agreements, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) agreements, among many others.

Additionally, our attorneys have experience investigating and responding to cybersecurity and data incidents. We provide end-to-end services to deal with data incidents, from when your business first discovers an incident through assessment, mitigation, and handling any resulting legal issues, including preparing attendant notices to affected individuals.