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"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities." 
  - Stephen R. Covey

Our Commitment to a Diverse Workplace

KRCL is especially committed to fostering a diverse workplace that reflects the unique communities where we live and work. A diverse workforce makes us a stronger law firm—providing a broader perspective on the issues our clients face and enriching our work atmosphere. KRCL supports the professional careers of lawyers and staff from the most diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and identities, and seeks to recruit, train, retain, and promote individuals who are diverse in every sense of the word.

Diversity and a meaningful approach to inclusion are essential to the success of our firm.  We embrace the differences in experience and insight that a law firm gains from a truly diverse workforce.  Diversity provides countless benefits to both our clients and the legal community.

Karen Cox, Director

Words into Action

In recent years, we have taken a number of specific steps to implement our commitment to diversity, spending time and energy to make sure that we aren’t missing out on the undeniable advantages of a diverse workforce.

Such initiatives include participation in minority recruiting events, supporting various internal social and business development groups tailored to promote diversity in both the community and workplace, as well as participation in the Texas Minority Counsel Program.

We are prioritizing diversity at every level and incorporating diversity efforts into recruiting, staffing, training, development, mentoring and legacy planning. KRCL has made a true commitment to diversity because it’s important in our relationships with clients and in attracting a new generation of legal talent but mainly for ourselves – our attorneys and staff are proud to be part of a progressive and diverse culture.

Mike Logan, Founding Director and Head of Lateral Recruiting

KRCL Diversity and Inclusion Committee

KRCL established a Diversity Committee to bring together attorneys from across the firm to assess our progress, challenge us to reach for higher goals and propose new initiatives and efforts to keep the forward momentum going. The members of the KRCL Diversity Committee represent a broad range of individuals with a truly diverse set of backgrounds, experiences and cultures who collaborate to ensure the firm as a whole is achieving true diversity and developing a meaningful spirit of inclusion to better the experience of our employees and clients.

We continue to emphasize that diversity should not be viewed as a single summit to reach but instead should be seen as a defining characteristic that we should be continually striving to improve.

Pamela Worthington, Chief Talent Officer

Gender Fairness Initiative

KRCL proudly supports the Houston Bar Association’s Gender Fairness Commitment, pledging to increase the number of female partners and firm leaders by 2020. This important initiative tasks firms with developing an internal set of “specific, objective criteria” that will be used for evaluating and promoting women to leadership positions, and also asks that they develop and promote policies that will aid the advancement of female attorneys and achieve gender parity.

We are proud to be one of the first law firms to sign with the Houston Bar Association’s gender fairness pledge. We have already made strides in electing female attorneys to significant leadership roles here at KRCL, and we can do more. Women have so much to offer in the capacity of law firm leadership and we are committed to encouraging powerful movement in the right direction. We cannot wait to report back to the Houston Bar Association with the progress made at KRCL.

Marcy Rothman, Director

Women’s Attorney Group

Another initiative set forth at KRCL is the Women’s Attorney Group, which aims to further a stronger sense of community among the women of the firm. Through monthly meetings, mentorship programs, as well as career advancement programs, we are challenging the women lawyers of our firm to achieve their full potential here at KRCL.

Our Women’s Attorney Group creates ample opportunity for our female attorneys to develop mentoring relationships that foster professional growth and encourage the pursuit of career growth including leadership roles within the firm.


Diversity and Inclusion Committee Members

Andrea Johnson, Director

Karen Cox, Director

JaKayla DaBera, Associate

Margaret Jordan, Director

Christine Harris, Chief Marketing Officer

John Kane, Director

Sophie Wen, Associate

Pam Worthington, Chief Talent Officer