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Litigation Alert: Blue Wave Falls Short of Reaching the Top

If you are a member of the legal community in Texas, especially in Houston and Dallas, then you are likely familiar with the “Blue Wave” that has swept through many of the courthouses across urban areas of the state. The last three election […]

Subrogation Claims and Arbitration Clauses in Construction Contracts

In Texas, while an insurer can assert a subrogation claim independently of its insured, the insurer still stands in the shoes of its insured, meaning the insurer’s claims are limited to those the insured could bring and are subject to the same […]

The Payment of Appraisal Awards - Not Quite a Bar

A frequently encountered question in the insurance world is whether payment of an appraisal award forecloses or bars first party claims against an insurer by the insured, and if so, under what circumstances. The Texas Supreme Court has taken this matter […]