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Law In The Workplace

City of Austin Passes Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Policy

While many employers offer some form of paid time off, there is no federal or state statute requiring employers to do so. And those employers that already provide paid leave often have a policy that an employee has to be employed for a period of […]

Buc-ee’s Employment Repayment Provision Held Invalid

A running battle has been waged in Texas regarding a narrow issue of employment law.  Can an employer require an employee to "refund" part of their already paid compensation if they leave the employment of the employer?  Retention […]

Michael A. Logan

The Weinstein Effect: Changing How Employers Address Sexual Harassment?

It started with Harvey. And it hasn’t slowed down.  The fallout has been wide-ranging, from execs in Hollywood to politicians in DC.  Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, John Conyers, and Matt Lauer are just a few of the individuals who have […]

Can I Fire My Employee for Attending a Protest?

In the wake of the Charlottesville tragedy, several Twitter crowdsourcers have undertaken to “out” attendees of the “Unite the Right” rally to their employers and the community at large. Some employers have subsequently fired those employees […]

Demetri J. Economou

School's Out For Summer...Are you Hiring?

With schools across the country about to wrap up for the year, many teenagers will be looking for jobs to earn some extra spending money or keep themselves occupied this summer. And many employers--in particular restaurants, retail establishments, hospitality […]

Comp Time In Lieu of Overtime

Offering an employee additional time off in lieu of paying overtime wages is something that, for the most part, is currently limited to government employers.  While some private sector employers mistakenly offer such a benefit, it is—with a few exceptions […]