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KRCL represents investors and other parties in oil, gas, and other investment fraud matters. 

Our lawyers have developed expertise in investigating and prosecuting claims associated with Ponzi schemes, as well as more mainstream disputes involving investment promoters, syndicates, and boiler-room operations, as well as financial disputes with oil and gas operators. Additionally, our lawyers are able to assist investors with unique issues raised by unregistered investment products, senior investment fraud, high yield investments, and the ever-changing litany of oil and gas scams.

KRCL's Investment Fraud practice group has developed the know-how to not only identify potential claims, but more importantly, to identify avenues from which to recover investments. Implementing strategies to "follow the money," our team has assisted clients with making significant recoveries ranging from collected judgments, to seizures of assets, to change of asset ownership via the imposition of constructive trusts. Regardless of the nature of the investment problem, KRCL lawyers offer sophisticated advice on domestic and international investment fraud recovery strategies, including:

  • Quickly and economically identifying the existence of target assets, including investigation and asset recovery in offshore money havens
  • Investigating Ponzi schemes and identifying how and where the promoters diverted money
  • Piercing asset protection vehicles such as homestead and other exemptions
  • Initiating receivership and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Litigating securities fraud and racketeering claims
  • Effectively cooperating with federal and state authorities to seek restitution from, and imprisonment of, guilty parties
  • Imposing constructive trusts to transfer asset ownership to the true owners - the investors