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Energy Law Today

When is a Duck, a “Duck”?

Those of us representing employers in the oil patch know the sad scenario all too well. Exceedingly well paid employees and contractors seek even more pay, usually once terminated, through a long-standing law, the Fair Labor Standards Act (the “Act […]

Andrea Johnson

Where Does the Mineral Estate End and the Surface Begin?

In Lightning Oil Co. v. Anadarko E&P Onshore, LLC, the Texas Supreme Court recently declined to consider an appeal from a Fourth Court of Appeals decision denying Lightning’s request for a temporary injunction that would have blocked Anadarko from […]

Individual Liability in the Oil Patch Under the FLSA

You may wonder how a company president might be liable given the fact that we are talking about an entity that was the official “employer,” and corporate law, generally, provides a shield for individuals who work at the company, whether as employees […]

Andrea Johnson