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Energy Law Today

The FCPA: Energy Companies Doing Business Internationally Must Be Proactive

On July 27, 2017, Halliburton agreed to settle a cease and desist proceeding brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), charging it with violating the books and records and internal accounting controls provisions of the Foreign Corrupt […]

The Texas “Anti-Slapp” Law: A Gorilla in a Baby’s Pram?

This baby is called the Texas anti-SLAPP law,[i] or the Texas Citizens Participation Act (“TCPA”).[ii] The birth was attended to by then-Governor Perry who brought the swaddling law to eagerly-awaiting, yet diverse, “parents,” such as the Better […]

Andrea Johnson

Everything You Need to Know About Oil and Gas Law—2Q17 Edition

We began 2Q17 with a discussion of the intersection of the oil patch with class actions and the Fair Labor Standards Act; the federal government’s liability for the environmental cleanup of refinery waste; and a shortsighted discovery ruling that could […]

Thomas G. Ciarlone Jr.

Oil-and-Gas Law Update: July 11, 2017

Our energy law podcast is back from a brief hiatus for the Independence Day holiday with a quick look at the legal developments in oil-and-gas law that July has brought us so far.

Thomas G. Ciarlone Jr.