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Energy Law Today

United States Bullish on Mexican Energy

Last August, the United States joined Canada and Mexico to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement more than 20 years after its enactment. Despite the political rhetoric surrounding what President Trump has termed “the worst trade deal […]

Antitrust Guidance from the DOJ and FTC for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

The guidance concedes that cooperation among federal, state and local agencies will be necessary in the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast and the United States’ Caribbean holdings, and the guidance further acknowledges that recovery is likely to “require […]

Harvey’s Aftermath For The US Oil And Gas Sector

In a recent installment of Law360's "Expert Analysis" series, KRCL trial lawyer Tom Ciarlone explained why—as the U.S. oil and gas industry recovers from Hurricane Harvey—operators must also be aware that force majeure clauses, excusing nonperformance […]

Thomas G. Ciarlone Jr.

The Battle Between Horizontal and Vertical Wells

A jury verdict out of Oklahoma may be a harbinger of what's on the horizon for the many battles being waged in courthouses across the country between operators of horizontal wells and the vertical drillers who say their wells have been damaged—or destroyed […]

Thomas G. Ciarlone Jr.

A Cautionary Tale for Operators

In this week's episode of our energy law podcast, find out about new guidance for calculating royalties on federal oil and gas leases, the BLM's termination of restrictive Obama-era fracking rules, and a cautionary tale for operators who might […]

Thomas G. Ciarlone Jr.